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Sweet Chili's New Look

Natural Ingredients

Our sweet chili sauce just got a new look!

Coeliac Food List 2017

The Coeliac Society of Ireland have today launched the 2017 edition of their renowned gluten free Food List. Containing over 300 pages, the Food List includes 6,425 gluten free products widely available in Irish supermarkets. It is made available to all members of the Coeliac Society and each new edition is eagerly-anticipated.

Coeliac Society of Ireland

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

Rice, like all commodities grown in the developing world, lends itself to control by large trading companies. These companies often fall into the trap of becoming exploitative of the small farmers. Fairtrade is the mechanism by which we, as educated consumers, can make a difference to this status quo.

From the 27 February - 12 March 2017. Join Us!

World’s Best Rice 2016

The Ministry of Commerce and the Thai Rice Exporters Association organised a celebration for Thailand’s Hom Mali rice, or Thai jasmine rice, being awarded the World’s Best Rice for 2016, on December 8, 2016 at Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok.

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Wexford Food Festival

Thai Food Company is one more year exhibitor in the Wexford Food & Wine Festival.

This year the programme of events is bigger and better than ever before.

Wexford Junior Open

Because an active lifestyle is beneficial for our health and essential in our modern sedentary lives. Thai Gold is the proudly sponsor of the Wexford Junior Open.