Benefits of a Balanced Diet

The Thai diet is a healthy, balanced diet. The traditional Thai way of eating little and often provides for a healthy way of eating in itself. Traditional Thai dishes mostly contain a healthy balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Total fats, saturated fats and cholesterol are within the accepted limits of a healthy diet with most dishes containing an adequate amount of dietary fibre. 

However the most remarkable effect of the Thai diet is the impact upon health. In the world WHO survey of 50 countries Thailand had the lowest incidence of cancer for both males and females. (Harras, Angela, ed, Cancer Rates and Risks, 4th Edition, 1996, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health.) Studies have also shown that Thailand has an incidence of heart attacks only 10% of that of the US, likewise diabetes and blood pressure.

Authentic Thai food is definitely a healthy food.