Culture of Thailand


No matter whether you are looking for a backpackers stop-off or a five star luxury experience Thailand has it all to offer. From the low cost hostels in the Golden Triangle to the opulence of the multi award winning Oriental Hotel you can find exactly what you want for a wonderful experience.

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Thailand has a unique culture, a blend of various traditions that make it so very different to anywhere else in the world. But a number of things separate the Thais as being Thai - language, religion, monarchy and perspective are the strongest of these.

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Thailand covers about 514,000 square kms, about the size of France or the U.K. and stretches from the Malaysian Border in the South on the Ithmus of Kra, to the Burmese border on the West and North around to the Laos Border across the Mekhong River in the North East and the Cambodian border on the East of the country. The Thais liken the layout of their country to an elephants head.

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เราคนไทยทุกคนต่างเศ้ราโศกและเสียใจกันเกือบทั้งประเทศ ที่นายหลวงของเราสวรรค์คต

ขอให้พระองค์ท่านทรงเสด็จสุ่สวรรค์นคต สุ่สุคติ เรารักในหลวง ทรงพระเจริญ

Our sympathies to all Thai People.