Gluten Free

Thai Gold products are only made with ingredients grown in Thailand. And because Thailand is unable to grow crops that contain gluten, all our products are naturally gluten free.

Also the recipes in this website are gluten free if you make sure to use Thai Gold products and to choose a gluten free option for other ingredients (like stock cubes).

Gluten Free

Wheat is not a natural part of the Thai diet, nor are any of the gluten containing cereals. Authentic Thai food is thus a natural and complete alternative for anybody wishing to exclude gluten from their diet. We would suggest to anybody with a gluten intolerance to try Thai.

Thai Gold food products are manufactured using traditional ingredients and contain no gluten. Where we are required to use starch we use the traditional forms of starch produced in Thailand - made from tapioca and occasionally maize. There is no risk of cross contamination in the production process in Thailand - no suppliers to Thai Gold use any gluten products in their processes.

Note: Only Thai food produced authentically is produced gluten free, we are aware of a number of food products which claim to be Thai where gluten products are used in the manufacture. For instance some coconut milks use wheat flour as a thickener.

Glycaemic Index

Much is heard these days in terms of Glycaemic Index (GI), the rate at which carbohydrates and sugars enter the bloodstream.

In general Thai food is a medium GI food, though this rating is largely attributable to the fact that white rice has a high GI. For those people who wish to use GI to manage their diet we suggest the use of Thai Gold Brown Organic Thai Jasmine Rice, which has a low GI.

The fact is that Thailand has one eighth of the rate of diabetes sufferers than the US.


Thai Gold features in the Food List 2016 by the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

Food List Wheat production on Thailand - Report from U.S. Department of Commerce

Enjoy gluten free Thai food.